Dragon's Delve

Session 5 - Serristique's Lair

Animated Dangers

Magic Trap

Shrine to the Mages Four

Session 4

Room 14 Room 18 Room 21

Session 3

Room 1 Brindinford Lost Shepard Fatcher’s Supply Temple of Vune Room 9 Room 11 Room 12 Room 13

Session 1

Character Creation

The Player Characters:

Saara, Dragonborn Warden Bella, Eladrin Ranger Reese, Half-elf Bard Galaran, Elf Druid

The party begins the adventure at the top of the stairs leading into Dragon’s Delve. The had journeyed from a far away land and came straight to the ruins, not stopping in Brindenford.

In classic fashion they turn right at the first opportunity. Tracking does show however the more traveled passage being to the north, to area 1.

Area 3

They discover the key to the bronze doors but before opening it they examine the door with the ghoul behind it. Unable to pick the lock, and hearing faint scratching, they are overcome with curiosity, and decide to break the door down, unleashing the ghoul behind it.

The combat goes according to plan. The ghoul claws the warden and follows up with a bite, nearly killing her. The warden’s font of life helps her recover from conditions. The ranger outputs a consistent high damage, and the druid helps move the ghoul away from the warder. The bard heals.

They decide to leave the other door alone. They discover the power of the pool but decide not to use it.


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